Don’t Hire My Agency

Brandist is a tool we built to help entrepreneurs create their own brand strategy. It can help you work out your brand’s answer to the questions: Who are you? what do you do? why does it matter? 

The Distill team started Brandist because we met many interesting companies that wanted to invest in their brand, but barely had enough money to build a website or design their identity.  The economics of agency pricing made absolutely no sense for their business. We wanted to help them, but doing so probably would’ve put both of us out of business!

If your budget for a website and identity is $1500, you definitely shouldn’t hire an agency or branding consultant. You shouldn’t hire a web designer either.  You should determine what your website’s bare minimum functionality needs to be. Then you should find a templated or pre-fab tool that will do the job without frustrating your customers. You need to find someone to help you setup the template site and you also need to decide what your company is about so you can get someone to design a logo that supports your big idea.

If you have any extra money when all this is done (unlikely) – you should spend it on a writer or strategist that writes well. Work with them to clarify your messaging around what you do, and why your customers should care. If your website is beautiful, but the content is confusing or boring, people will only remember that you were confusing and boring, if they remember you at all.

Agency price tags are generally too high for small businesses and startups. For small companies, the marketing budget is always be less than what is needed. The trick in this position is to choose what brand touchpoints to prioritize, and to not re-invent the wheel. There are many low-cost options marketing tools for small businesses, but one need to coordinate marketing activities so they are working in support of your brand strategy.

Are you DIY-ing brand strategy for your company? Have you had good experiences working with templates and stock resources in the past? Tell us about it in the comments!

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