Create your Brand Brief


To enable business both big and small to manage their brand and improve how they purchase design services.


Develop education materials and digital and printed tools. Offer one-on-one support. Grow user base. Grow network of design professionals. Build strategic partnerships.


  • Collaboration
  • Learning
  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Empathy
  • Simplicity

2. Customers & Competitors


Innovation & Branding Consultants, Creative Agencies, Creative Job Boards (e.g. behance, craigslist), Publishers (offering books and/or other materials on branding & design)

Competitive Advantages

Lower Barrier to entry for customers.
Support from Talkshop expert network.


Our Products & Services serve:
1. Entrepreneurs looking to take control of their brand. 2. Early-stage startups looking to include brand strategy in their development. 3. Established business who have neglected branding. 4. Business owners unsure of or frustrated by previous design and branding efforts.

3. Focus & Differentiation

The Big Idea

Use Strategy & Design to grow your business.

Brand Attributes

  • Modern
  • Casual
  • Dynamic
  • Supportive
  • Smart
  • Inclusive
  • Bold
  • Open

Brand Promise

To be the in-house brand strategist you never knew you needed, but are relieved is there.

Onliness Statement

the only brand strategy service
that provides education, tools and advice
for small businesses and startups
in the United States
who want to invest in their brand
at a time when there is more competition than ever before